A few words about us

Jinghua Flow Group is deemed as one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of industrial parts, such as valves, actuators, fittings, flanges, pipes, etc.  

We take pride in in-depth integration of mature Chinese industrial supply chain and competent manufacturing expertise to serve our respectful customers at moderate cost .  Our extensive know-how of application in harsh environment is proven through continual contact with our customers and end user. Comprehensive quality control is profoundly established to eliminate any possibility of functional and visual defect.

Corporation Name

Jinghua Flow Group Limited


JHF valves, CFC actuators, YHV SS valves,    JY SS  Fittings and flanges

No of Employees

Over 200 people

Year of establishment

Since 2006


Around 10 million USD

Factory size

11000 M3


valves, actuators, fittings, flanges, pipes, etc


ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001, API6D,API607, CE, SIL, EAC


Oil & gas, power plant, chemical, water treatment, pulp & paper, sugar making, mining, etc



We manufacture and supply all kinds of valves, actuators and fittings in exporting market.  All base material is selected for high quality standard while full process is accomplished and inspected by our qualified employees according to the customer’s criteria.


Production capacity

425 ton per month

Stock products

 Valves , Actuators, Fittings, Flanges

Sub Vendor Assessment


Material traceability


Delivery time

10 -30 days


10 pcs

QC  system

 ISO 9001:2015


Visual and dimension,   mechanical inspection , chemical analysis , NDT test ,  impact test , hydro pressure test.


CNC: 30 sets

Lather: 50 sets

Crane: 30 tons

Welding machine: 5 sets

Heat treatment furnace:   2 sets, 1500000 W


Providing customized products at acceptable quantity


Rapid development of industry world has witnessed the growing trend of customized design and destocking.  JHF adapts itself to such change and update the operation mode by improving the engineering, equipment and procedure.

In order to increase the technology input of engineering, we use FEA and PLM to manage our design while imported art-of-the-state equipment to optimize the procedure. Thus precision and efficiency is enhanced to realized the tailor-made parts for our customers.

Regarding the destocking from end user management, we implement CRM and accurate material arrangement to reduce the deliver time and give the parts with reduced MOQ .

Our General Business principles



Our operation is allowed to be flexible when we address the customer’s critical request. We are supposed to promptly offer our bespoke solution within promised lead time.




We persist in essential integrity when we offer the premium service. Our employees will not comprise to unfavorable working ethics for sake of business interest




Our fundamental value lies in practical and laborious efforts that required from our customers. We reject fancy promise but are dedicated to being the down-to-earth partner in industrial world.

Leading facility

Cutting-edge factory and equipment

Skilled Personnel

Fully trained staff with considerable skills and awareness

Top Design

Customized and comprehensive piping management

Our team


Chief Engineer


Safety Supervisor


Production Manager


Founder & CEO

Our history

Humble beginning

We started the business as a valve maker who dealt with the industrial valves under the brand of Yoho Valve.

Business prosperity and expansion

The product line extended to cover industrial valves and actuated valves by partnering with JHF valves and CFC actuators.

Group establishment

JHF Group was incorporated to integrate the resources of each brand to offer full category of industrial products.

Providing full solution of piping

We become the major distributor of JY Fittings and Flanges to facilitate our role of full solution provider